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Get help with your latest project, learn how to use your new device, or get all your tech questions answered. 
No project is too big or too small!

Bring Support to your home or office.

Our on-site training brings training and support to an environment that is comfortable for you. We offer personalized training that will fit your needs and learning style. Our support will empower you to be able to find a solution if something goes wrong, and comfort you in knowing that help is close by when you need it.

Get Help From Anywhere.

If we can't make it to you, we're happy to provide remote training and support where necessary. If you've gone on a vacation with your devices, or are outside of the New York City area, we'll help you get up to speed with our remote services.

We Started from Humble Beginnings. We'll Help you get Started.

We got our start because you love learning and we love teaching. We all ask questions, read books, and google in the name of learning, so we started Techmore to give you another way to get the empowerment that learning and mastery brings. That moment when learning takes hold gets our gears going, and we strive to help you experience those moments.

After teaching, tutoring and mentoring for many years, we understand that learning requires repetition and relevant application. We're committed to seeing you learn and retain new concepts and skills that will benefit you forever.

We're The Talk of the Town. Let's make you the talk of the world.

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...You’ve helped me overcome my fear of failure.
I couldn’t have done it without you! Many, many thanks!

Let us help you conquer your goals, take yourself worldwide, or make your home tech-friendly. What ever the cause, we're happy to assist. Refer us to a friend to provide someone you care about with the help they need.